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Healing Trauma Through Embodiment

Trauma is any event that we cannot fully take in, that is too frightening, painful or confusing to fully experience. According to neurobiologists, trauma causes a schism between the cognitive and emotional functions of the brain. It prevents us from … Continue reading

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October Events with Judith

Realization Process – Three-Session Teleconference Course Led by Judith Blackstone Realization Process is a direct approach to embodied nondual awakening. The Realization Process attunement exercises open your body, heart and mind to the all-pervasive transparency of nondual consciousness. This course … Continue reading

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Awakening in the Body

One of my favorite quotes is from a Japanese Zen philosopher called Hisamatsu (1889-1980). He writes, “But the nothingness of Zen is by no means something unconscious and unalive as is emptiness. Rather it is the subject that knows itself … Continue reading

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