Stillness Moving

A Five-day Movement/Embodiment Workshop
Based on the Realization Process
Taught by Judith Blackstone

June 23-27, 2012

Wildcat Studio, 8th Street in Berkeley, California

This workshop will teach the Realization Process embodiment and movement exercises for inhabiting the body, attuning to and moving through the “subtle circuitry” of energy channels and chakras, and integrating the body, breath and consciousness.

These practices develop fluidity, balance, presence and expressiveness. They can help heal imbalances and release tensions from the body. They integrate physical sensation, emotion and awareness so that you can move with the full breadth of your being.

They can also help you open to the most subtle, fundamental dimension of your being. Wherever you are in contact with the internal space of your body, you are also open to the world around you. When you inhabit your whole body at once, you uncover a level of transparency, of subtle consciousness, pervading your body and environment as a unity.

Cost – $600 (does not include lodging)

To register, send a check for $200 to Judith Blackstone, PO Box 1209, Woodstock, NY 12498. Please include your email address and phone number.

Or pay online at (the events page).

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