The True Meeting of I and Thou: the Realization Process Relationship Workshop

Deepening Our Relationships Through Embodied Nondual Awakening

With Judith Blackstone

November 1-5, 2014

At the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Hotel

Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico (near Santa Fe)

Nondual awakening is the revelation of our own nature as subtle, unbounded consciousness, pervading our body and environment as a unified whole. This workshop shows how this realization deepens and refines our capacity for contact: with ourselves, with our environment, and with other human beings. Judith will teach a series of attunement practices, called the Realization Process, for directly experiencing nonduality, and for connecting with another person in this primary dimension of our being.

In the Realization Process, the radical openness of nonduality is realized through inward contact with one’s own body. By fully embodying nondual consciousness, we uncover a qualitative, authentic experience of ourselves as individuals at the same time as we transcend our individuality. When two people attune to nondual consciousness together, they experience mutual transparency: a single expanse of consciousness pervading them both as a unity. They also experience resonant connection between the essential qualities of their being, such as intelligence, love, and physical sensation.

As the embodiment of nondual consciousness, we find our true boundaries: we experience internal wholeness at the same time as we experience oneness with our environment. We also relate to others with less projection, with more subtle perception, and with increased empathy, intuition and compassion. The workshop will also teach how nondual awakening can help heal specific imbalances and conflicts in all types of relationships, including intimate, familial, therapeutic, and professional.

You do not have to bring a partner in order to attend the workshop.

Tuition: $700

Lodging: $119 a night for single or double occupancy (does not include food)

To register, you can pay a deposit of $200 here:

Or mail a check to Judith Blackstone, PO Box 1209, Woodstock, NY 12498. Include your email address and phone number.

When you register, you will receive a link for the group rate at the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Hotel, as well as a key for discounts on food and spa.

If you cancel by October 1, your deposit will be returned to you, minus a $50 administrative charge.

For more information, you may contact Judith by responding to this email or by phone at 845-679-7005. Or visit

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